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Who shall volunteer to succumb to the addiction?

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I want a Zhevra. The other perks are pretty nice too. But really it’s all about the Zhevra. So, seriously, if anyone has been considering playing World of Warcraft, let me know & I’ll send you the demo info. Pretty please?!? more »

Huge update...

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The first iPhone 2.0 software update is out (2.0.1). And it’s huge. No, really, for a phone OS this thing is gigantic. See for yourself: & that’s a compressed archive I would think. Anyway, it’s “Updating iPhone… more »


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This game looks like it will be a HUGE time sink. I can’t wait! The Galactic Edition is slightly tempting. Visit more »

XFN enabled...

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My blog (particularly the blogroll over on the right called Wanderings…) is now XFN enabled. I ran across XFN via Wired yesterday (I got an 11). Followed that to google’s Social Graph API. (By the way, I’m tempted to list Brad… more »

Movie List...

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Yesterday I added a movie list to the right sidebar. It’s pretty handy, it’s an embedded representation of one of my zenbe lists. Pretty spiffy, all iPhone lookin & stuff. The problem is it’s a bit wide. So the sidebar chops it… more »


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at&t probably just loves me. I had been using Pandora on & off since my Emergent Media class. One of the groups went to a Pandora fest of sorts here in town & the prof was a huge fan, so I checked it out. Anyway, that was one of the Apps I… more »

iPhone app Updates...

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This update mechanism is weird. I checked this evening @ work on the iPhone & had several (6 or 7 maybe). I updated & Pandora before heading home. Then when I got home, fired up iTunes & checked for updates after syncing the iPhone.… more »
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