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I had to call AT&T, but everything is finally ported. It was getting a bit annoying to have the old T-Mobile phone for incoming & the iPhone for outgoing. more »

iScream! uScream! We all scream for iPhone!

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I did it. I went & waited in line for the new iPhone 3G. I showed up at the Knox Apple Store just before 7:30. When I got in line it was down past the McKinney Ave entrance to the parking lot behind Viking. I finally escaped the store around 2. Yes,… more »

Fit Age update...

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Last night I did it again, it gave me the original test & a new one & my “Age” went up to 44. But tonight when I just did it, it gave me 2 totally different tests & I got a 29. more »

Wii Fit Age...

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Well, it’s better than my Wii Fitness age when I first got the Wii. My starting age is 39. My BMI is 21.49 & my balance is 49.4% Left & 50.6% Right. I tend to wonder if that extra .6% wasn’t partially the Wiimote since it was in my… more »

Justin on the beach...

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Some that have perused some of my older entries may be aware of my slight crush on Justin Long. Well, Ferg remembered that & forwarded me this pic when he ran across it on a forum he’s on. He said “I know from reading your blog that you… more »

Arriived ... or maybe Deliivered!

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Well, UPS says the Wii Fit has been delivered! more »


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Schawiiiit! Or something. more »
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