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Grrr … more »


Geekdom, Diversions, Health+Fitness 1 feedback » paid off again. I’ve been tracking the Wii Fit on WiiAlerts for a while now. I have gotten a few alerts when I wasn’t able to get to it and they were for places like Toys R Us. This time I got the text while I was @ lunch,… more »

Road Runner Turbo?

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I must say, that was the most beneficial cable modem reboot I’ve ever experienced. I got a letter from TimeWarner Cable (aka Road Runner Internet) saying they upgraded me to Road Runner Turbo just cos they liked me. So, now I can get up to 10… more »

From 5th Ave to Avenue Q

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I made another trip to TKTS Thursday. This time I went for Avenue Q. After picking up the tickets I wandered around the Financial District. Happened upon the New York City Hall, then I took the train up to the 5th Ave Apple Store. Then it was time to… more »

Go Speed Racer Go!

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I went & saw Speed Racer tonight with Steve, Diego, Dallin & Michael. It’s a fun movie. The race scenes reminded me of Mario Kart. And parts of it were quite psychedelic. I may actually go see it again in IMAX if I get a chance before my… more »


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Apparently playing the other night with Steve was handy. I unlocked the Tiny Titan. It came up when I fired up Mario Kart tonight. Then tonight I won a trophy in the 50cc Flower Cup (I won in the Mushroom Cup the night I got it) so I unlocked the Star… more »

Mario Kart Wii

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I ordered Mario Kart Wii after playing it @ Ray’s the night it came out. I’d had it on my Amazon list for a while so I just ordered it there. It got here late last week. It’s a fun game, definitely better with someone else playing with… more »
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