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Up & away...

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This has been interesting combination of inconveniences and serendipities. I managed to get all my packing for my trip done this morning and was even ready to leave a bit earlier than I needed to. Of course, I did forget something, but that's expected.… more »

Friday the second...

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Friday was more of a relaxed wandering around day. I went down to the Fulton Ferry Landing to see the Telectroscope. I had lunch @ Pete’s Downtown followed by ice cream @ the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. When I met Craig back at his place, after a… more »

From 5th Ave to Avenue Q

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I made another trip to TKTS Thursday. This time I went for Avenue Q. After picking up the tickets I wandered around the Financial District. Happened upon the New York City Hall, then I took the train up to the 5th Ave Apple Store. Then it was time to… more »

TKTS is pretty cool...

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Today I wandered over to TKTS and picked up 3 tickets to Curtains (for me, Craig & Sergei) at half price. They were still $61, but they were also dead center, 10 rows back in the orchestra. Great seats. After picking up the tickets, I swung by the… more »

Monday & Tuesday...

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Monday was pretty uneventful. I wandered in to Manhattan to pick up the key from Craig, and for the most part hung around his apartment a bit. For dinner we went to Purity Diner. It was ok, but the hot chocolate was weak, the tuna salad was dry &… more »

Sunday the first...

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Sunday I wandered down to 7th Ave for breaklunch at La Bagel Delight, the Deluxe Grilled Chicken is huge. That & an iced cawfee were actually a pretty decent deal. Then I wandered back up to Craig’s & got the directions I needed to get to… more »

Saturday the first ...

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Today I spent most of the day (about 5 hours) in Prospect Park, across the street from Craig’s. Once he was out of his class we went to a tex-mex place called Lobo with Kevin & Steve. It was actually pretty decent. Though the Strawberry… more »
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