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There was this little article over on Lifehacker as part of there Top-10 called Top 10 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for This New Year. It was a pretty decent list, so I thought I'd use it as a basis for my goals this year. Here's a summary of their list for… more »

The Book has Arrived...

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I got the book Friday. It turned out pretty nice. And the disorientation works nicely. Flipping through it, there is no way to tell the front from the back or the top from the bottom. The paper isn’t quite as glossy as I expected, but the overall… more »

Final Project...

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Here it is: vertigo by Scott Cook | BOOK INFO more »


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This is a project for my Photography and New Media (ARTS-3340) class this term. But it has been fun to do, so I may continue it. From the About…Think of this as an alternate reality. A series of candid photos of complete strangers, with stories… more »

Hey UTD folks...

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I went to my 1st class of the term last night & if any of you are looking for another upper level ARTS class, we’re only about half full. Here’s the info… ARTS-3340-501 - Photography & New Media (Topics in Studio Art) Laura… more »

Just some homework...

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Can you tell what it is? more »

Spring 2009 Grades

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My grades are finally up. I wasn’t expecting much this term, but was pleasantly surprised for both classes. I’ve known the Virtual Environments grade for about a week, I figured I would end up with a B or something in there, but I guess I… more »
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