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Support LibriVox

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LibriVox: acoustical liberation of books in the public domain LibriVox is a pretty cool project that's been around since 2005. Basically, people volunteer and record chapters of books that are in the public domain. Like Project Gutenberg for audio book… more »


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Is my taste in Action Sci-Fi really this bad? [lightbox [Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy]] Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy[/lightbox] more »

Quantum Box

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I thought this went well with this. more »

Instantly hooked...

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A while ago this popped up over on LifeHacker (among other places)… So I told Netflix I had a PS3 & wanted to sign up. I got an email yesterday saying I would get my PS3 Instant Streaming disc today. Basically, you put in the special… more »

The joy of a grandfathered account...

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Wow … I forgot how good of a deal I was getting. I got an email from Netflix today that they were increasing the charge for the Blu-ray plan for most Netflix plans. It will vary by plan, based on how many you can have out at a time, in my case… more »


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I spent a bit of time last night ripping CDs (I’m up to P) and scanning them into Delicious Library. It has a web publishing feature. Once I figured out it would work better if I published it locally & uploaded it manually, it turned out… more »

Gay Day @ the Fair! And then some...

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Looks like another busy weekend ahead… In reverse order, Sunday is the unofficial Gay Day at the State Fair of Texas. Oddly this is always on the Sunday after the TX/OU game. I guess because that usually falls on National Coming Out Day. So who… more »
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