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I see you have the machine that goes Bing!

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There was a little blurb yesterday on AllThingsD (via The Tech Block) mentioning that Twitter has started testing auto-translating tweets using Bing. Don't they know that Bing's translations are horrid? At least in my experience with them on Facebook they are. :-/ Google's Translate seems to come back with much better translations for day to day use.

Time to dust this off?

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I just updated the software, perhaps it's time to update the content too. First I need to make this skin work fully though, I think. :-/

Wow ... I suck.

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It’s amazing how much being more active with posting on Facebook & Twitter has impacted my blogging. Is standalone blogging dying? It’s certainly easier to pop 140 characters on Twitter or share something on Facebook than it is to post a longer, thoughtful, blog entry.



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This is a project for my Photography and New Media (ARTS-3340) class this term. But it has been fun to do, so I may continue it. From the About

Think of this as an alternate reality. A series of candid photos of complete strangers, with stories added from someone’s warped imagination. Sounds like fun, no?
Names, places and even faces have sometimes been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. While the photos are true (mostly), the text is pure fiction (in most cases — who knows, perhaps the fiction is accurate).

The inspiration for this project actually came while wandering the Dallas Auto Show and occasionally getting interesting candid shots of people in addition to the cars. The most interesting things about the entire project was that I was mostly unnoticed while wandering around with a digital SLR and a 55-250mm zoom lens. I had a couple people apologize as they walked through a shot, and one general comment as I walked by ("Now that’s a photographer” or something like that).

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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I just read this post by a developer that I follow and he has a great way of looking at decades…

Funny thing about decades: There are never really where they should be. People may say 50s and they don’t mean 50 to 59. They mean that time after the war where every body was happy in suburbia drove around in cars with big fins, and they listened to the beach boys, and mowtown coming out in the jukebox in diners.

I hope everyone has a happy new year & a great 2010, no matter what decade it is.

Why's he so angry?

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Shouldn’t he be enjoying that?

Photoshop Disasters

Perhaps he would prefer a warlock.


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Not bad … only took them a bit over an hour.

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