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Unexpected sources...

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it's always interesting how often something relatively trivial leads to the discovery of something more important ... & not just in diagnoses. more »

Even when it's not in your pocket?

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We've all done it ... well, 80% of us at least. You feel your phone vibrate, whether it's in your pocket or not. Sometimes you even hear it 'ring'. Well, there is a reason (other than that too many people use the same text message sound as you). We can… more »

Foolish view on high drug costs...

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Foolish as in The Motley Fool. They have a nice little article talking about drug costs. I've been pointing #2 out to people for years. Basically it comes down to: Research & Development &mdash of released and failed products. Subsidizing… more »


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There was this little article over on Lifehacker as part of there Top-10 called Top 10 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for This New Year. It was a pretty decent list, so I thought I'd use it as a basis for my goals this year. Here's a summary of their list for… more »


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I think I have 2 things for 2010 that resemble resolutions… Do something either physical or social (or both) every day. It doesn’t have to be something big. As simple as going for a walk in the other building at work or some exercises on… more »


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So, I was using some of that pre-foamed soap from the new dispensers they just installed @ work today and realized something. That stuff may actually make you do a worse job of washing your hands. Previously, I would get my hands wet, and soap, rub them… more »

195 days later...

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It’s been 195 days since I used Wii Fit. Shame on me. The balance board forgot my name. But for the good news, my Wii Fit age was 30. Yippee! I seem to be wel balanced today. I just set a new record on Warrior Pose as well. Tree wasn’t… more »
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