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My hands are gonna fall off...

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On top of washing the cars today, I went to Home Depot & bought stuff to plant out front next to my driveway to replace the stuff that was torn out just as it was looking established when they redid the curbs on my street. This is what was there… more »

Monday & Tuesday...

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Monday was pretty uneventful. I wandered in to Manhattan to pick up the key from Craig, and for the most part hung around his apartment a bit. For dinner we went to Purity Diner. It was ok, but the hot chocolate was weak, the tuna salad was dry &… more »

A bit better ...

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I bought a pair of these: Not bad … only about $5 more than what they are at Amazon. And an umbrella. Of course as soon as I got back to Craig’s I actually almost tripped over an umbrella. Kicked it actually, it was sticking out from… more »

Grrrr ...

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*harrumph* So, it’s raining. & I have no umbrella. & Craig’s place seems to be in some sort of intermittent T-Mobile dead zone. And did I mention that somehow one of my shoes got lost out of my garment bag between here & Dallas?… more »

Two Obsessions in One!

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This is a bit late, I actually ran across this 29-Jun-2007, but forgot to blog it. In fiddingly with the new blog software, it makes old drafts a bit more obvious & I noticed it. So, anyway, here it is… A cool combination of a couple of my… more »

"You never run out of money!"

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I need that credit card. This was on Get Rich Slowly as an ad he hates. Wow. What a great way to teach little girls (or boys if their parents are particularly open minded) how to be irresponsible with money. more »

Calling all bookworms...

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I decided maybe I should broaden my reading after Book 7 is released. So, here's a call to everyone to leave the one book/series you would recommend. Preferably your personal favorite, with no regard for what I like. My tastes are pretty eclectic as… more »
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