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My hands are gonna fall off...

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On top of washing the cars today, I went to Home Depot & bought stuff to plant out front next to my driveway to replace the stuff that was torn out just as it was looking established when they redid the curbs on my street. This is what was there last May:

This year I think I actually planted too much out there. I’ll try to get some pics of it tomorrow. But for the odd friends of mine that want to know what I planted, here it is in no particular order:

  • Lithodora Grace Ward (Lithodora diffusa)
  • Sneezeweed Dakota Gold (Helenium amarum)
  • Pincushion flower Butterfly Blue (Scabiosa columbaria)
  • Creeping phlox Emerald Blue (Phlox subulata)
  • Superbells Saffron (Calibrachoa hybrid)
  • Dalina Midi Sumatra (Dahlia hybrid)
  • Then to fill things in: Marigolds, Blue Ageratum & 2 types of Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea and an unknown variegated variety, I had the variegated in a pot by the door last year)

Then for the pots that I have by the sidewalk & bench I got:

  • Tuberous Begonia (Begonia tuberosa) - this big pot also has some more Marigolds & Blue Ageratum along with a green sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) and a purple one (Ipomoea ‘Blackie’)
  • 2 colors of Gerbera (a bright orange & a red-orange) in 2 little pots
  • An Ornamental Pepper with cool purple & white variegated leaves for a purple pot with a teal base

Hopefully most of it lives.

Monday & Tuesday...

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Monday was pretty uneventful. I wandered in to Manhattan to pick up the key from Craig, and for the most part hung around his apartment a bit. For dinner we went to Purity Diner. It was ok, but the hot chocolate was weak, the tuna salad was dry & the pie was cold. The onion rings were ok though.

On Tuesday I did a bit more. I rode in to Manhattan & dropped something off with Craig, then met Sergei (Craig’s friend that works @ Il Fornetto) at Macy’s. I have been needing a jacket and have been regretting not having one with me most of the trip. So, I fixed that. I lucked out too, Macy’s was having a 40% off sale on jackets. So I picked up a Weatherproof jacket. It’s a nice grey rain proof jacket that has no fewer than 9 pockets. There’s one for a phone, one for a PDA (it has a little Blackberryesque icon & a pen loop), one for an MP3 player (with a 2nd Gen iPod icon, a hole for the headphone cord & up at the chest there are 2 little elastic loops for the headphones. Plus other more generic pockets. Then we went to see What Happens in Vegas. It was pretty good, quite entertaining & lots of shirtless Ashton.

After the movie we tracked down Craig & headed over to the Mercury Lounge where a friend of Sergei was playing. On the way we stopped at Yoshi Restaurant where we had some pretty good sushi rolls for dinner.

Sergei’s friend is Clara Lofaro. It was a pretty good little concert. Definitely worth the $10 cover. And the $10 CD. & even the $15 tshirt (in red without boobs). :) Especially since Craig bought my drink & CD (I was planning on buying one anyway). Her band was pretty good, the English horn in one song was a little rough, but everything else was quite good. The only odd thing is that it seems like perhaps she doesn’t exactly know how to end her songs. Some of the endings are a bit odd and unsettling.

That was pretty much it, then we headed back to Craig’s.

A bit better ...

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I bought a pair of these:

Not bad … only about $5 more than what they are at Amazon. And an umbrella. Of course as soon as I got back to Craig’s I actually almost tripped over an umbrella. Kicked it actually, it was sticking out from under his couch slightly, but not enough that I saw it earlier. Oh well. I needed one anyway.

Grrrr ...

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So, it’s raining. & I have no umbrella. & Craig’s place seems to be in some sort of intermittent T-Mobile dead zone. And did I mention that somehow one of my shoes got lost out of my garment bag between here & Dallas? & those were my comfy shoes. XX(

Two Obsessions in One!

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This is a bit late, I actually ran across this 29-Jun-2007, but forgot to blog it. In fiddingly with the new blog software, it makes old drafts a bit more obvious & I noticed it. So, anyway, here it is…

A cool combination of a couple of my favorite things, Transformers and the iPod. It’s a Convoy iPod speaker set.

And some pics for when it sells out someday:

Convoy Standing

Box Front

Box Back

"You never run out of money!"

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I need that credit card. This was on Get Rich Slowly as an ad he hates. Wow. What a great way to teach little girls (or boys if their parents are particularly open minded) how to be irresponsible with money. :no:

Calling all bookworms...

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I decided maybe I should broaden my reading after Book 7 is released. So, here's a call to everyone to leave the one book/series you would recommend. Preferably your personal favorite, with no regard for what I like. My tastes are pretty eclectic as anyone who has seem my library or music collection can attest. So anything is fair game.

Let the recommendations begin!

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