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Unexpected sources...

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I was talking to Hunter on Facebook this afternoon about various things that are going on, and have gone on in the past. In my brief response, I popped out this little pearl:

It's always interesting how often something relatively trivial leads to the discovery of something more important ... & not just in diagnoses.

Even when it's not in your pocket?

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We've all done it ... well, 80% of us at least. You feel your phone vibrate, whether it's in your pocket or not. Sometimes you even hear it 'ring'. Well, there is a reason (other than that too many people use the same text message sound as you).

We can assume that people like to notice when their phone is ringing, and that most people hate missing a call. This means their perceptual systems have adjusted their bias to a level that makes misses unlikely. The unavoidable cost is a raised likelihood of false alarms – of phantom phone vibrations.

I'm guessing there's a wishful thinking component too, but that's just a purely non-scientific hunch.

Now if only I could feel my phone when it does ring. :-/

Why does this stuff always seem to line up?

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I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in new age mumbo jumbo. But recently when I’ve been down or whatever, I’ve taken to checking my biorhythm. And somehow it always seems to line up. Peculiar.

[lightbox [Biorhythm - 2006-06-23]]Biorhythm - 2006-06-23[/lightbox]

That explains it...

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[lightbox [11-Oct-2008 Biorhythm]][/lightbox]

I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in things like this, but I still find it interesting when they coincide with reality. And I do think that moods and other needs are quite cyclical.

The physical I should have guessed. This was probably a bad week to start back on the weights. I could barely move my upper body on Wednesday morning from my workout Monday. It was worse than I’ve ever been before. & all day today it hurt to walk … and stand … and was uncomfortable to drive … from my leg workout Wednesday. Even worse than my reaction to my upper body Monday.

The intellectual I haven’t really noticed, but the emotional I definitely have. That was actually what made me check the little graph.I actually went to bed over an hour ago. No luck on the sleep. & even though it shouldn’t have, Jeremy not going to TMS upset me. I guess it was more than I could handle. So … I decided to blog about it. There’s someone I should be able to call & talk to, but he never answers his phone, so why bother. (That last bit falls into the category of things I know better than to post, but I’m going to anyway, since that’s my mood.)

Post 24 hours...

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Just realized I haven’t posted since my lousy 24 hours. that streak lasted a little longer, but overall stuff has improved. I had the disappointment that Steve couldn’t come over that night, which would have been nice. But, my car was ready in the morning & I was only out the money for the oil change. They also did the “Timing Belt Inspection” & noticed a vacuum leak that may be what is causing my CEL.

Still no grades back from my class though. :-/

Almost could have been mine...

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This was in last week’s PostSecret. This could practically be my secret. Well, I’m not sure I’d call my job great, & it’s not everyday. It’s not really a secret either.

Horoscope ... not a bad idea.

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Toss out those old philosophies whose time has come and gone. Update your attitude.

Perhaps I’ll toss out more than philosophies.

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