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Unexpected sources...

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it's always interesting how often something relatively trivial leads to the discovery of something more important ... & not just in diagnoses. more »

Even when it's not in your pocket?

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We've all done it ... well, 80% of us at least. You feel your phone vibrate, whether it's in your pocket or not. Sometimes you even hear it 'ring'. Well, there is a reason (other than that too many people use the same text message sound as you). We can… more »

Why does this stuff always seem to line up?

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I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in new age mumbo jumbo. But recently when I’ve been down or whatever, I’ve taken to checking my biorhythm. And somehow it always seems to line up. Peculiar. [lightbox… more »

That explains it...

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[lightbox [11-Oct-2008 Biorhythm]][/lightbox] I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in things like this, but I still find it interesting when they coincide with reality. And I do… more »

Post 24 hours...

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Just realized I haven’t posted since my lousy 24 hours. that streak lasted a little longer, but overall stuff has improved. I had the disappointment that Steve couldn’t come over that night, which would have been nice. But, my car was ready… more »

Almost could have been mine...

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This was in last week’s PostSecret. This could practically be my secret. Well, I’m not sure I’d call my job great, & it’s not everyday. It’s not really a secret either. more »

Horoscope ... not a bad idea.

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Toss out those old philosophies whose time has come and gone. Update your attitude. Perhaps I’ll toss out more than philosophies. more »
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