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People's Choice...

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I entered my book in the photography[book]now competition & the People’s Choice segment has started. Vote for me! :>>

Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.

Here’s the book:

UPDATE: Not sure, but it may make you sign in, which means signing up for an account. Grrr. Sorry about that. Still vote for me, but only if you want or already have a blurb account. FWIW, the books are good quality & the software is easy to use. :)

Toad Orgy...

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My first upload to YouTube. Incredibly boring, but I did it all on the new iPhone.

Around a dozen toads attempting to mate in my rain diluted, but still chlorinated swimming pool. I hope they don’t expect their endeavors to be successful. It’s amazing how loud they are.

I’m not looking forward to skimming out all the eggs tomorrow.

UPDATE: I rescued 15 live male toads this morning … 3 dead ones. One of which was the female. :^/ Most of them were in the skimmer. So I had at least 18 out there last night.

The Book has Arrived...

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I got the book Friday. It turned out pretty nice. And the disorientation works nicely. Flipping through it, there is no way to tell the front from the back or the top from the bottom.

The paper isn’t quite as glossy as I expected, but the overall quality is quite nice. I think I’ll be making more blurb books in the future.

Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.

Final Project...

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This is a project for my Photography and New Media (ARTS-3340) class this term. But it has been fun to do, so I may continue it. From the About

Think of this as an alternate reality. A series of candid photos of complete strangers, with stories added from someone’s warped imagination. Sounds like fun, no?
Names, places and even faces have sometimes been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. While the photos are true (mostly), the text is pure fiction (in most cases — who knows, perhaps the fiction is accurate).

The inspiration for this project actually came while wandering the Dallas Auto Show and occasionally getting interesting candid shots of people in addition to the cars. The most interesting things about the entire project was that I was mostly unnoticed while wandering around with a digital SLR and a 55-250mm zoom lens. I had a couple people apologize as they walked through a shot, and one general comment as I walked by ("Now that’s a photographer” or something like that).

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The results...

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OK, here are the results of yesterday’s shopping & labor (click images to enbiggen)…

[lightbox [The Street Garden]]The Street Garden:[/lightbox]

[lightbox [The Lounge - where I took my coffee this morning]]The Lounge:[/lightbox]

There are many more after the break … I don’t usually break posts, but you’ll see why I did when you click below…

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Yeah, it actually is. I used to think that A Better Finder Rename was probably overkill. I mean all it does is rename files & folders right? How much value can that possibly add. That & it has a goofy name. Though I guess the goofy name worked, since I remembered it when I needed that functionality.

That was before I finally got fed up with the 86 folders in my Photos directory that were from an older camera. At some point Canon changed there software from naming folders YYYYMMDD by default to YYYY_MM_DD by default. I think it was when I started using a DSLR. So, my folders were all very annoying to sort. I couldn’t even sort by last modified date, because on a Mac, if you edit a file in or add a file to a folder, the modification date is updated. So, I figured I’d give it a try. To be honest I could probably do it via the command prompt, but that would take too much effort & I’m feeling lazy. :)

It works great. The demo will only do 11 at a time (it actually says the first 10, but it did 11 every time), but that’s better than one at a time. :D I’m trying to decide if I would have enough use for it to buy it, or if it’s just this one time that I need it. But either way, it is a pretty handy tool.

They have another toy that I know I could have used in the past called The Big Mean Folder Machine. Basically it will merge folders or divide files into separate folders. I had never even heard of this utility before. This would have saved me tons of time when I’ve tried to get files divvied up to archive to DVD or CD.

In both cases the things these tools do aren’t hard to do on your own, they are just time consuming. The last utility they have that sounds interesting is A Better Finder Attribute. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like it lets you see & tweak attributes that the Finder won’t let you get to. The feature that looks most handy is to copy the EXIF date that a pic was taken to the Create date of the file. That might be worth the $15 right there.

I just wish it would just display the complete EXIF data (the Finder doesn’t). The last App I found that did that was EXIF-O-Matic, which was last updated to v1.2 in January of 2009, but still requires Rosetta (the version I have is actually from May 2003). It was a handy little lightweight Java app.

Oh, did I mention that all three of these apps have cool icons? :>>

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