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iPhone 4 Review...

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I actually intended to post this about a week after I got it, but I slacked. :p Since I've waited so long, I'll go ahead & make it brief & start with the Cons... Cons Of course, everyone knows about the antenna issue. iOS 4.0.1 did seem to… more »

Toad Orgy...

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My first upload to YouTube. Incredibly boring, but I did it all on the new iPhone.[video:youtube:v2f4SMaZRQg]Around a dozen toads attempting to mate in my rain diluted, but still chlorinated swimming pool. I hope they don't expect their endeavors… more »

We'll Be Back Soon.

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Not soon enough, dangit! I was up a bit late anyway, so I thought I'd brave the extra half hour just to see if they enabled the pre-order at midnight Pacific. It looks like they've started the process at least. *sigh* more »
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