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It has been brought to my attention...

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Jimbo mentioned that he hadn’t seen anything about me getting a new car on here. And sure enough, I hadn’t really mentioned it. Aside from a couple of mentions last summer, not much popped up here. So, since the car should be setting rubber… more »

Did I buy Christine?

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OK, maybe that's a bit overly dramatic. But, when I brought the Jetta home, the driverside door lock didn't work. The pin wouldn't even go up & down. Now it does. Weird. Alas, the odometer is still @ 362,000+. more »

The trip...

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Sort of a reverse update. Jeremy brought by the pics he took on CD. Here are a couple samples... Ouch, that rock had to hurt, right in the eye...a bit watery too, full to the hole: But it still works just fine: This was good timing, I… more »


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Off to Houston I go. Should be back tonite with the new toy. more »

I was Very, Very bad ...

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