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Political Issues Quiz
Here's another. This one is linked to by the Libertarian Party, but is actually hosted by a Libertarian group called Advocates for Self-Government.

Here is the quiz.

And, as I suspected, I'm a Libertarian...
My Personal issues Score is 60%.
My Economic issues Score is 80%.

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I've come across some Political surveys that gauge where you stand based on how you answer certain questions. Some are humorous, some serious. I thought I'd answer a few and post the results...

The first one is This is most certainly in the humorous category. Give it a try...


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I thought since I'm trying to be all political, I should give an idea of my influences.

  • Queer - yup, I'm gay...that has a pretty big influence on at least some of my politics.
  • Son of a Veteran - and I grew up around Veterans, going to Veteran's events.
  • Middle Class - not sure how much impact this has, though both sides think it should make me vote for them.
  • Born in Buffalo / Grew up in Dallas - Not as conservative as most Texans, or as liberal as most Northeasterners.
  • 'Conservative' Talk Radio - I find it entertaining and find that I often agree with an awful lot of what they have to say. I enjoy Mark Davis and find Rush amusing.
  • Voted for Bush - I am probably one of about a dozen gay men that would admit that I voted for Bush. I just found it hard to believe that Gore had what it took to run the country. And contrary to what Michael Moore seems to think, after 9/11 I was glad Bush was there.

So I think that about covers it. I'll probably add to this as things come to mind.

Election Year...

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Well, since it is an election year, I thought I'd try my had at being a pundit wannabe. The goal is to put my thoughts down here, and possibly add some other pages containing interesting Political info...

We'll see how it goes.

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