The Brothers Grimm on Blu-Ray

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I tried to watch The Brothers Grimm on Blu-Ray yesterday using the PlayStation 3. I got an error that the video could not be played. That was a first. My PlayStation is up to date & this is nowhere near a recent Blu-Ray. So, I tried to go to the site that the disc label directs you to,, to be redirected to a page of black text on a black background. The black text was just a list of movie titles. There is a link for a text-only version, but of course it’s a page not found.

So, I called. Closed of course.

Then I tried to submit feedback using the link at the bottom of the black page. Upon submitting the feedback I got an error that Safari couldn’t connect to the server. Nice. It finally went on the 3rd try, but now I’m annoyed, so I’m posting this just to let Buena Vista Home Entertainment know how incredibly incompetent I think they are. Apparently Disney sucks a the Internet. And technology in general.


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I saw this quite a while ago, but finally getting around to posting it…

Toad Orgy...

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My first upload to YouTube. Incredibly boring, but I did it all on the new iPhone.

Around a dozen toads attempting to mate in my rain diluted, but still chlorinated swimming pool. I hope they don’t expect their endeavors to be successful. It’s amazing how loud they are.

I’m not looking forward to skimming out all the eggs tomorrow.

UPDATE: I rescued 15 live male toads this morning … 3 dead ones. One of which was the female. :^/ Most of them were in the skimmer. So I had at least 18 out there last night.


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So, BP burst a pipe, make a huge mess, is fined & has to pay for the cleanup. The L.A. Lakers win a game, their idiot fans make a huge mess. I think the Lakers should be subject to fines from the NBA and pay for the damage done. On top of any criminal actions against the ridiculously stupid fans.

Just a thought.

We'll Be Back Soon.

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We'll Be Back Soon.

Not soon enough, dangit!

I was up a bit late anyway, so I thought I’d brave the extra half hour just to see if they enabled the pre-order at midnight Pacific. It looks like they’ve started the process at least. *sigh*

Rules to live by...

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Target Market?

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Is M•A•C Cosmetics targeting gay men & drag queens now?

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