The Book has Arrived...

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I got the book Friday. It turned out pretty nice. And the disorientation works nicely. Flipping through it, there is no way to tell the front from the back or the top from the bottom.

The paper isn’t quite as glossy as I expected, but the overall quality is quite nice. I think I’ll be making more blurb books in the future.

Vote for my Book in the Photography Book Now competition.

1700 miles down...

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I decided to do a little math now that I’m at 1700 miles in the Golf. My average mpg in the Golf so far is 38.9mpg. The TT average is 23.2mpg. So, in the 1700 miles I have on the Golf, I have used 43.7 gallons of diesel … and, now that I’m using B5 (95% diesel, 5% bio-diesel), it’s really only 41.5 gallons of fossil fuels. for that same 1700 miles, the TT would have burned 73.3 gallons of premium unleaded. So far I’ve saved 31.8 gallons of dino-juice. Not only that, but the diesel tends to run about $0.10 per gallon less than premium unleaded, so I’ve probably saved about $85. That doesn’t sound like a lot per mile ($0.05), but it should add up. It’s nearly 1/3 of my car payment, and about $1000 per year.

Final Project...

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My second tank was 39.4. I probably had a little more highway use with this tank. It also helped that I got 43.8 mpg (indicated … it seems to read low) one morning on the way to work by sneaking in behind a truck on 114.

So, my “lifetime” average is up to 38.5 now.


I’m trying out the B5 from Green Spot Market for this tank. It’s pretty convenient, just the other side of the lake.


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This is a project for my Photography and New Media (ARTS-3340) class this term. But it has been fun to do, so I may continue it. From the About

Think of this as an alternate reality. A series of candid photos of complete strangers, with stories added from someone’s warped imagination. Sounds like fun, no?
Names, places and even faces have sometimes been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. While the photos are true (mostly), the text is pure fiction (in most cases — who knows, perhaps the fiction is accurate).

The inspiration for this project actually came while wandering the Dallas Auto Show and occasionally getting interesting candid shots of people in addition to the cars. The most interesting things about the entire project was that I was mostly unnoticed while wandering around with a digital SLR and a 55-250mm zoom lens. I had a couple people apologize as they walked through a shot, and one general comment as I walked by ("Now that’s a photographer” or something like that).

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Half right...

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From my fortune cookie today:

You have common sense and a lot of charm.


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37.7 mpg isn’t too bad for my first tank. I need to tweak a few habits I think, to bring that up a bit. I need to find a spot to put the smaller version of these over in the sidebar…


So the Golf gets 62.5% more miles per gallon of fuel than the TT. Plus the fuel is cheaper (diesel is running about equivalent to mid-grade gasoline & the TT takes premium).

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