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I think I have 2 things for 2010 that resemble resolutions…

  1. Do something either physical or social (or both) every day.
    It doesn’t have to be something big. As simple as going for a walk in the other building at work or some exercises on Wii Fit for the physical side. Or meeting someone for dinner or coffee or something on the social side.

  2. Do a mini-project a week.
    I’ve started a list of mini-projects to do. Stuff around the house, to the car(s), whatever. Just little stuff that can easily be done in a short amount of time. So far I don’t have a lot on the list, but I’m slowly adding.

That seems like a good start. At first I thought I might try to do a mini-resolution a month or something, but I think I like this better. The project list kind of has that feel to it. And I think both are fairly achievable, they aren’t what one would call stretch goals in the corporate parlance.

I would also like to travel a bit more this year, but that is contingent on so many things, that I don’t think I’ll make that an actual resolution. The same goes on blogging more, actually.


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I just read this post by a developer that I follow and he has a great way of looking at decades…

Funny thing about decades: There are never really where they should be. People may say 50s and they don’t mean 50 to 59. They mean that time after the war where every body was happy in suburbia drove around in cars with big fins, and they listened to the beach boys, and mowtown coming out in the jukebox in diners.

I hope everyone has a happy new year & a great 2010, no matter what decade it is.

Instantly hooked...

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A while ago this popped up over on LifeHacker (among other places)…

So I told Netflix I had a PS3 & wanted to sign up. I got an email yesterday saying I would get my PS3 Instant Streaming disc today. Basically, you put in the special Blu-ray they send you, select it under Video on the PlayStation 3, then you enter the code it gives you into your Netflix account to enable it as a device, just like you would with a Roku or other Netflix enabled box. After it Authorizes (took mine just a few seconds) it pulls up your Instant Watch queue & away you go.

I’ve used Instant Watch before using both the old Flash client & the new Silverlight version on my MacBook Pro, but it either involved a long DVI / HDMI cable to the TV and a long optical cable to the stereo or watching it on my laptop. Both of which weren’t really worth it, so I rarely used it. I think that’s gonna change.

Watching on the PS3 is much better. It’s easier for one, slap in the disc & away you go. I can also continue to use my computer. Whereas, when watching on the computer, if I use full screen mode, I can’t do anything else. It won’t even keep full screen if I use it on a second monitor. It also seems to be higher quality and I had no problem with lag or delays. I’m guessing they are taking advantage of the Cell processors in the PS3 to do a bit better compression. Of course this might help too…

I even streamed a little HD content and it seemed quite good too. Most of what I watched tonight wasn’t HD though. I watched the entire 1st season of Coupling. And an episode of Series 3 of Chef! (crap compared to Series 1 & 2).

All in all, I’m pretty impressed and will probably use it a lot more.

Why's he so angry?

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Shouldn’t he be enjoying that?

Photoshop Disasters

Perhaps he would prefer a warlock.

Just some homework...

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Can you tell what it is?


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Midlife crisis...

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I just realized, I’m considering a station wagon for my midlife crisis car. I’ll turn 35 in November, & life expectancy for people born in 1974 was 72 years, but I’m male, so it’s probably a bit lower. So this year is time for my midlife crisis. :) I suppose since my second car was a wagon (when I was 18) it almost makes sense. :))

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