Embarrassment... (a clarification)

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Comment from: Chris · http://www.chris-moss.com
Why would we be embarrassed? We got up off our asses and worked really hard to try to defeat it.
11/09/05 @ 18:28

That is true, and that is something to be proud of. It is just a shame that the efforts put forth weren't more effective.

Let me put it this way, I am embarrassed for all of the various organizations efforts against Proposition 2.

As usual, there was very little evidence of cooperation between the groups. I received 4 messages from people reminding me to vote and/or informing me about Prop 2. 4. That doesn't seem like a very efficient use of resources.

It's also interesting that there were so many organizations created explicitly to fight this. Wouldn't having one org under a central umbrella to have a common message be more efficient? Local sub-groups I can see, but that is not how it seemed to work. It seemed more like many entirely autonomous organizations, all doing their own thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that it was an uphill battle. We were, after all fighting the Juggernaut that is the Southern Baptist Church (among others). And while I have very little experience in the activist area, it seems as though the effort could have been run more effectively.


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Not that I am surprised. A bit disappointed that the people of Texas are actually as bigoted as the rest of the nation thinks they are, but not surprised.

One high point is that only 66.45% of my county voted for it, so we aren't quite as backwards as the rest of the state. Chris & James (and Jonas and Peter for that matter), however, should be embarrassed, if not afraid, as Collin County was 74.45% for it.

There were a few statewide propositions that did go the way I wanted to. For instance, Prop 4 was resoundingly passed. It was basically an amendment to deny bail to defendants that have violated their pretrial release conditions.

On the local front Dallas's Proposition 1 (the "Strong Mayor" prop) narrowly failed. And proposition 14 to issue "$23,800,000 general obligation bonds for homeless assistance facilities" passed (59.14%). The problem with Prop 14, is that making the homeless more comfortable only makes more people not mind being homeless. It's unfortunate but true. It even attracts the homeless from other cities. They go where they are welcomed.

Texas State results from the Texas Secretary of State website
specifically the Texas Elections site.
City of Dallas results acquired from the Dallas County Elections site.

Off to London...

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Well, I am going to London in December. WooHoo! But now I have to come up with what I want to do while there. I'm going with my sister, but I figure we will both have alone time as well.

So, I'm looking for recommendations...any and all suggestions are welcome & will be considered. The only required activities are a show of some sort, but we haven't even picked that yet.

Packing up & Moving...

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my blog that is. I'm sick of waiting for Spymac to get its shit together. Now that I have a host that supports mySQL & PHP I'm gonna host my own. So, here's my first official non-Spymac post.

I'll try to post info there when I post here, just to take advantage of their trackers. I'll also be trying to move stuff over from Spymac now that the Archive works.

The blog formerly known as...

Letter to Dr. Laura - Why can't I own a Canadian?

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Link: http://www.humanistsofutah.org/2002/WhyCantIOwnACanadian_10-02.html

I'm sure everyone has probably read this, but it covers almost all the bases & does so hysterically...

A message to the Spymac Admins...

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I just sent this email:

Well, I just noticed that one of my gallery images was changed to private. Without informing me. What's the deal? I have no Note, no email, just someone I know telling me they couldn't see the image. So, I checked, 'nope still there'...then noticed it was marked private.

Is it standard policy for moderators and or admins on Spymac to screw around in people's forums & galleries without telling anyone? Especially the owner of said property? What is the point of posting something in my Gallery, if I never know how long it will stay.

I am sure the person that marked it private (rather than deleting it) thought they were doing me a kindness. Or perhaps they just knew they had no grounds to delete it, as the image is not "illegal, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexist, racist or otherwise threatening, does not infringe the privacy, intellectual property or any other rights of third parties, is not otherwise injurious or objectionable and is not in violation of ANY law", Nor is it from a "model shoot" or does it condone "software piracy, religious slander, racism, pornography, death-images or cruelty to animals, foul language, member slander or threatening messages" And by the way, it is my image, taken by a close friend of mine, of a tender moment between my boyfriend and me. To be honest, I am not sure I want to be a member of a community that would find that expression of love objectionable.

I would like to know a few things:

1. Why was it marked Private?
2. Why was I not informed?
3. Who did it? (I know, you won't tell me this, but I feel in the name of thorough investigation I should ask.)


http://maxhedrm.spymac.net/ | http://maxhedrm.spymac.net/blog

This is the image in question... (posted on my .Mac account so it's safe from the censors)

The Image in Question

Just as a little update, since I am reposting this on my new blog, they never did reply to my email.

Aardvark - My Current Favorite Firefox Extension

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This is a very cool tool / toy. From their website:

The Aardvark Firefox extension is a tool for web developers/designers as well as casual users.

Doesn't sound like much, just the standard 'this is a tool for web developers' tag line. However, down the page a bit reveals a little more:

As you glide the mouse over the page, you will see a red rectangle framing each element under the cursor. You will also see a little yellow caption showing the HTML element type and its class or id if they exist.

Basically you turn it on & you can identify the bits & pieces of a page. Images, paragraphs, table cells... Then, you can highlight them, delete them, isolate them... Pretty cool stuff. If you use Firefox, give it a try!

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