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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Politics Send feedback » currently has a little petition to save the federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. While I don't usually care much for, I actually agree with them on this particular item.

An interesting bit of information that did not disclose, that I had to get from the CPB website was how much Public Broadcasting funding actually comes from Uncle Sam. Turns out it is 14.9%. Not insignificant, but not huge either.

Here is what I added in my personal response to the petition:

First, let me say, that being primarily Libertarian, I intensely dislike and disagree with much of what they stand for and how they operate. However, on this subject we do agree.

Please consider maintaining funding to the CPB. As a Libertarian I feel that, for the most part, the government has no business doing many of the things it currently does. One of the few areas that is important for the federal government to have involvement is infrastructure. I feel that the CPB is an important part of our media infrastructure in the United States. I feel the grants that it provides are very important to our national media establishment. PBS and NPR provide valuable programing especially for our children. The children's shows provided by the CPB are some of the best available and are, for the most part, free of the rampant commercialization that is so rampant in the rest of children's television. I grew up watching and enjoying shows like The Electric Company, Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. It amazes me that if you start singing "1 2 3 4 5, 6 7 8 9 10, 11 12", by the time you finish, most of the people around you will have joined in.

I realize that the budget is in something of a crisis, but find it hard to believe that you cannot find this $400 million from a less essential program. For instance, there are many programs that are personal pet projects of specific congressmen and women, that benefit only their home state or district, that have no business being funded by federal dollars. You might try cutting some of that nonsense before pulling funding from our children's education.

Please consider signing this petition & even more importantly, donating to your local PBS or NPR station.


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Looks like I'm Boy Central's Boy of the Week. I'm quite honoured. Though I have to admit, I'm no where near being a boy anymore...a bit old for that.

Who, Me?

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Well, my cell-phone horoscope today was kind of funny...

You're direct & no-nonsense. It is more appreciated than you know.

Who, me? Never. :)

AIDS Awareness Marketing

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We need these. The imagery is amazing. I also like that they are not homo-centric or hetero-centric. Unless you are an arachnid expert, there is no telling what sex the spider or scorpion is. Brilliant.

Newsflash: unsanitary computers spread disease in hospitals!

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As an IT professional whose first job was in a hospital, my immediate response is:


It's amazing what we have to spend money to study what should be common sense. Having worked in hospitals, I can attest that nurses stations tend to be downright scary. I once had to pry a terminal from the desktop. Apparently someone had spilled coffee (I hope) & wiped up the counter, but didn't think to wipe up under the terminal. YUK! I can only imagine what had grown in that over the years. I won't even go into how nasty the phones are. Or the computers away from the patients.

QoTD -- Sir James Goldsmith

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The trouble with marrying your mistress is that you create a job vacancy.

-- Sir James Goldsmith
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