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§ stishie2007   said on :

this is a SHIT movie….i love it, especially the part where the CEO is asked to produce a faculty…..this is a gud movie. i am givin it 100% of 100%…big up to the producers…i only saw this movie last month. but i have watched it more than 10x though

§ Bléu Sampair   said on :

I just watched this for the 100th time. I wish there really was a college like this.

§ Corinne   said on :

Watching it on abc family I wish there was a collage like this

§ Anna   said on :

AMAZING movie.

§ Justin Long   said on :

Thanks, I am flattered.

§ ROBERT MCM   said on :

Yes, I have just had the same problem.
Put on three brand new nuts, cost me $50, first three no problem, last one sheared and broke the key. I installed them by hand with a ratchet wrench, did not over tighten. I am beginning to believe that these nut are indeed garbage.I am now going to have to pay my local Canadian Tire store around $50 (half hour labour) for to have them removed. The store is going to give me anothe set in exchange, but I am a bit wary about putting them on. Dont trust them anymore. I am going to email McGard with a complaint.

§ SS   said on :

Yep, that’s Justin Long - and he was in Galaxy Quest - he played a nerdy teen who helps Tim Allen and the others. Great movie by the way!

§ Damian   said on :

Waoo que padre esta esa pelicula… Y pz la escuela me gustaría conocerla

§ Rani   said on :

I’m going to a college just like this . . . . even if I have to make it myself.

§ Gonzalo   said on :

Hola que tal esa escuela esta genial me encantaria ir ;)

§ Ray said on :

You could always combine #1 (off-site) and #8 (strengthening). Hard drives will be cheap again, and exchanging backup data is a good excuse for a weekly social visit.

§ ®   said on :

Painting: So far just acrylic. I started with a class I had to take, but the stuff I did (that I finished) turned out nice. I think I probably only have one totally complete one though. :^)

Backup: Well, right now I use Time Machine on my Mac, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to do an offsite copy of that, but there really isn’t one. I’ve also considered CrashPlan, since I have friends with fast internet. :^) It’s kind of a build-your-own-cloud sort of solution.

§ Ian   said on :

Let me know what backup solution you end up going with. I also plan to get a more robust offline backup solution in place this year. It is a little slapped together right now with stuff scattered. I’m thinking of doing a pay service so it is all in one place.

§ Bobby Lewis   said on :

What kind of painting do you do? I did oil paintings with my grandparents years ago.

§ Bruce   said on :

Hi Every1 i just watched this movie on youtube and 1 i wish there had been a collage like this for real and 2 is this move out on dvd or blue ray becaues its a good movie 5 stars :)

§ su   said on :

there are more and more straight and gay men interesting in make up and drag.they make good new market target for cosmetic companies.

§ ayodeji olawumi   said on :

dis movie is off d hook and i feel like enrolling, but d SHIT doesn’t exist

§ jarvic   said on :

I am a mechanic at a service station. We are constantly having problems with these locks. They are GARBAGE. If we aren’t spending more time looking through the car for the stupid key than changing tires, they are breaking. We got taken to court once because “we” broke his crappy wheel locks. Now if we can’t find the key and can’t contact the customer we either don’t bother with the car or we take off the locks (I have a special tool now lol) and throw them away if the car has steel wheels.

§ ag   said on :

please accept me………………… please………….^^

§ arol veloso   said on :

amazing movie, i just watched it on tv now and i got surprised

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