Mac Actor Update...

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After my previous post I decided to do a little research. After some Googleing and a few false leads I found what I was looking for. According to MacUser he is Justin Long. I'm still not sure why, but I am pretty sure I have looked him up on IMDB… more »

South Harmon Institute of Technology

Queeriosities, Diversions 79 feedbacks »
I'd go to his school... It actually looks like a potentially funny movie. Accepted more »

What metadata can tell you...

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So, back when people were saying stupid things like “It’s just metadata, not your actual phone conversations” about the NSA monitoring, I really wanted to see someone release this sort of info just to demonstrate what “just metad… more »

Never buy wheel locks from McGard...

Automotivity 7 feedbacks »
I just sent the following email to McGard: I just had 2 of your 'premium' wheel locks break. The outside edge of the lock portion sheared off halfway around the head of the bolt. They are Part @ 27181, size M14x1.5, key code X-##### #####. So now I… more »


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see more Lolcats more »

A message to the Spymac Admins...

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I just sent this email: Well, I just noticed that one of my gallery images was changed to private. Without informing me. What's the deal? I have no Note, no email, just someone I know telling me they couldn't see the image. So, I checked, 'nope still… more »

Grindr. (stupd web2.0 nams)

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So, this has been all over the gay web (I actually can’t remember where I saw it first) and of course I downloaded as soon as I saw it. Grindr is basically a location aware social networking app for gay, bi & curious men. Sort of. It is a bit… more »
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