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I decided Friday that I would go look at some cars this weekend. Since the TT is getting a bit tired in its old age, I was considering getting something under warranty for a daily driver. So, in the past 27 hours I have visited 3 car dealerships. I… more »


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Strange fascination, fascinating me Ah changes are taking the pace I'm going through — David Bowie Some of you are likely aware of the slightly odd relationship (not relationship, just relationship) I've had over the last year or so with a… more »

iOS7 first Impressions

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Much has been made of the "flatness" of the new iOS since it's introduction at WWDC. While the design guidelines for graphics and icons are indeed much flatter, the OS as a whole has become much more dimensional. As usual, it's all in the details that y… more »

iPod Cases...

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So, I went looking for a case for my spiffy new iPod. I never dropped my 1st Gen in the time I've had it, so I wasn't worried about impacts, I just wanted to try to avoid scratching this one up too much. So I was looking for a thin case that I could… more »

Delayed Update...

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I meant to post all this earlier in the week, but I was a bit busy, & didn’t feel like it, so there. So, here’s a log of stuff between my last 2 entries…basically he kept teasing me with long gaps, so I kept putting off taking… more »

Lyrics to learn from...

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Here are a couple songs I like that have lyrics to learn from. They played back to back the other night on my iPod. There are a couple people I know for which this song holds good advice, but it really goes for everyone. Just breathe... Breathe (2AM)… more »

What a freakin crappy evening...

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Well, I'm sure at least some of you know that today (well, yesterday now) is my birthday. And that I had a final tonight. So, before I headed out to UTD, I checked the weather, the cold front wasn't supposed to hit until 11 at the earliest, so I took… more »
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